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About me

My Food Story

Just someone who’s REALLY into food 😋

From the start

How I got into food

Growing up, I always liked food.

I remember in grade 3, I tried to “make eggs” using a microwave oven – which literally exploded. Luckily no injuries happened!

Fast forward to a few years after starting a professional career, I had my first true fine dining experience at Le Bernadin, Chef Eric Ripert’s legendary New York spot.

I have been travelling around the world to different restaurants ever since.

As the number of restaurants I visited grew, I started making more personal notes and being even more interested in the culinary arts.

All that culminated to become this podcast – where I chat with chefs and other professionals in the field; learning about how they think about food and life in general.

I’m glad you’ve come abroad this fascinating journey: bon voyage and bon appétit!

Cauliflower puree, huitlacoche, celeries, squash flower and truffle at Sud 777 in Mexico City, Mexico






Open market in Croatia

My Journeys

I will share my memorable restaurant experiences I have had in the future – stay tuned!