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Eduard Xatruch; Disfrutar

Chef Xatruch of Disfrutar, Barcelona in Spain

This podcast episode features Chef Eduard Xatruch, one of the three renowned chefs at Disfrutar and Compartir in Spain. He met Chefs Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas while working together at the legendary El Bulli under the tutelage of Ferran Adrià. Together, they manage two acclaimed restaurants – Compartir (meaning to share in Spanish) in Cadaqués and Disfrutar (meaning to enjoy in Spanish) in Barcelona.

These successful restaurants present two parallel visions. Compartir showcases modern cuisine blended with traditional cooking while Disfrutar concentrates on the cutting-edge of innovation.

Disfrutar is also hailed as the #5 restaurant in the world by 50 Best Restaurants and was awarded two Michelin stars.

Having started working since 17, Chef Xatruch clearly has a wealth of knowledge in the kitchen. Growing up in a family that worked the field as well as wholesaled fruits and vegetables, however, gave him a more complete view of the entire food industry.

How did that wider lens impact his cooking? What is the creative process at Disfrutar and how does he and the team stay on the forefront of creativity?

In this episode of Stoveside Chat, Chef Eduard Xatruch shares all of that with us and more.

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