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Justin Sutherland; Handsome Hog

Chef Justin Sutherland at a restaurant bar

This podcast episode features Chef Justin Sutherland’s interview with us. He is the operator of multiple award-winning restaurants including the Handsome Hog, Obachan Noodles and Chicken, Chickpea Hummus Bar, The Gnome, Woodfire Cantina, and Gray Duck Tavern.

Based in St. Paul, Minneapolis, he has been recognized for his contribution to the culinary world in addition to his philanthropic endeavors and community involvement like co-founding the North Stands, an organization supporting hospitality workers.

Though classically trained in French cuisine, Chef Sutherland returned to his Southern roots when he opened his own first restaurant Handsome Hog.

He has shown his competitive side in various cooking shows such as Top Chef and Iron Chef America. He is now featured on Fast Foodies, a TruTV! program in which different chefs recreate a celebrity’s favorite fast food.

How did his Japanese background change his thinking on food? And what is his process in mixing that with his Southern heritage?

In this episode of Stoveside Chat, Chef Justin Sutherland shares all of that with us and more.

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