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Laurence Jossel; Nopa Restaurant

Chef Laurence Jossel of Nopa Restaurant

This podcast episode features Chef Laurence Jossel, the chef and owner of Nopa in San Francisco, United States.

Born in South Africa, Chef Laurence Jossel came to United States at a young age and started to work at restaurants at 14. Not only did he find a job, but he also found his true calling.

Since 2006, Nopa has seen lots of transformations. It started out as a hangout for chefs, servers and various late-night stragglers. As times evolved, the food and the style also changed.

During the pandemic, it successfully experimented with delivery and pick-up services.

And as we continue to move towards normality, Chef Jossel also has more changes in store.

In this episode, he shares with us how he changed with the times, how he balances his home life and the latest plans for Nopa. Plus, he also tells us the secret to great fried chicken!

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