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Rodolfo Guzman; Boragó Restaurant

Chef Rodolfo Guzman of Borago restaurant in Santiago, Chile

This podcast episode features Chef Rodolfo Guzman, the chef, entrepreneur, and owner of Boragó in Santiago, Chile, who did not expect to become a chef early on in his life.

He was working in Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses at the Catholic University of Chile, specializing in microstructures, and has been a participant in researches of neurology, psychology, nutrition, among other fields.

By luck (and necessity), he started to work in restaurants in United States and eventually joined the team at the legendary Mugaritz restaurant in Spain.

In 2006, he returned to Santiago and opened Boragó. It was established as a place that cooked with ingredients rooted in the Chilean landscape and culture. As a country that covered more than 4,200 km with an impressive range of geographies and climates, Chile provides a gastronomic playground with countless endemic ingredients.

Despite the abundance of great raw materials, Boragó struggled to keep itself on its feet. That changed in 2013, when it started to receive a lot of attention and the  expectations changed in the kitchen.

In this episode, he shares with us the challenges he faced early on, the importance of native Chilean cultures and the exciting things he learned from the great country of Chile!

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