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Suzette Gresham; Acquerello

Chef Suzette Gresham of Acquerello Restaurant in San Francisco

This podcast episode features Chef Suzette Gresham, who has been the head chef of Acquerello, the iconic Italian restaurant in San Francisco since it opened its door in 1989.

Originally from San Carlos, California, her interest in food and cooking started with her family – that emigrated from France to the United States – in an unconventional way.

Though she is of French descent, she has long been creating Italian dishes, even prior to opening Acquerello. The restaurant is a famous two-Michelin-starred destination and she is only one of three female chefs in the United States to run a kitchen that has accomplished that feat.

As successful as she is in the kitchen, her belief of educating the next generation of chefs is even more inspiring. She is committed to helping those who work at her kitchen in any way possible. Though it sometimes involves tough love, she never resorts to abuse or exploitation of others.

In this episode, Chef Gresham not only shares with us her personal journey and culinary philosophy; but also talks about her management style and offers advice to leaders and young people alike on sustainable careers.

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